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Holidays, Safaris and hotels in Africa

Africa is a stunning destination, catering for all sorts of visitors, from the laid-back or independent spirited traveller to the person looking for pampering and the finest of facilities. Africa is the home of Safari and the game viewing is magnificent. We have brought together some of the finest lodges in some of the most thrilling national parks and game reserves in Africa. Whether you are planning to sit on a beach or drive through some of the best self-drive scenery on earth, this continent is fascinating. There is nowhere better than Africa to fulfil your sense of adventure.



Botswana pic

A vast, untamed wilderness with huge areas of unfenced land given over to conservation. This is a great success with some of the largest numbers of elephant in southern Africa, and the successful reintroduction of rhino. This landlocked country is teeming with wildlife and the fragile ecology is carefully protected so that visitors experience Africa at its most natural, unspoilt and beautiful.


Kenya pic

Kenya has always epitomised everything that is Africa. It hosted the first real wildlife safaris, and its diverse landscapes, people and wildlife have drawn more people on safari than any other country in Africa. It lies on the eastern coastline of Africa covering an area of 600,000 square kilometres. The ideal times to visit Kenya are from Dec-Mar and Jul-Oct, avoiding the long and short rainy seasons.



Mozambique pic

Mozambique boasts nearly 2,500kms of beautiful coastline, perfect for white sandy beaches and great snorkelling and diving. It is an upcoming destination with easy access from Tanzania and South Africa. The country is exellent for bird watching and for families looking for safe bathing, since many of the beaches offer safe lagoons for swimming.


Namibia pic

Namibia is a vast country set between two deserts, with one of the world's lowest density populations. Nothing can prepare you for the sense of unconfined space and awe-inspiring scenery. Namibia is like nowhere else in sub Saharan Africa with unique mammals that have adapted to this harsh environment, including the rare desert elephant and black rhino.


South Africa

South Africa pic

Southern Africa has so much to offer the visitor. There are several must-see sights, that will be high on every visitor's list to this remarkable part of the world. The Kruger National Park is one of the world's largest game reserves, and home of the Big Five. The Garden Route is one of the most spectacular road trips of the Southern Hemisphere. Victoria Falls is the largest curtain of water in the world plunging into the Zambezi Gorge from high above.


Tanzania pic

Tanzania boasts wide open plains, spectacular migrations across the Serengeti and the highest peak in Africa - Mount Kilimanjaro. Between June and October the game viewing is at its peak, but if you avoid the main rains from March to May, Tanzania is a country worthy of a visit throughout the year. In late January, as many as 2 million wildebeest gather in the southern Serengeti to calve.



Zambia pic

As well as an abundance of wildlife, Zambia is also home to one of Africa's most celebrated and impressive sights, the Victoria Falls. The mighty Zambezi River forces its way to where Zambia and Zimbabwe meet creating up to seven distinct waterfalls. Livingstone is the town bordering the falls and is a great base for pre and post safari stays as well as being the adrenalin capital of Zambia.


Zimbabwe pic

Tourism is Zimbabwe’s fastest-growing industry. The country offers a large variety of scenery, one of the African continent’s finest and largest concentrations of wildlife and a perfect climate (with an average of 7 hours of sunshine daily throughout the year).