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Bahamas, Caymans & Curacao

Sun, sand, and sea are the Bahamas big attraction. You'll find a big welcome and an experience you will never forget, as you relax amidst white sandy beaches and azure seas. Lying to the west of Jamaica and 200 miles south of Cuba the Cayman Islands are renowned for dazzling white beaches and a pace of life that promises total relaxation. Just off the northern coast of Venezuela lies Curacao in the Dutch Antilles. Famous for its clear blue seas, white sandy beaches and enviable shopping, Curacao is well worth a visit.



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With 29 islands, 661 cays and over 2000 inlets, the Bahamas has so much to enjoy.

Cayman Islands

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Consisting of three islands, most visitors to the Caribbean venturing to the Caymans opt for Grand Cayman, where the capital George Town is located. Grand Cayman has immaculate white sandy beaches, excellent snorkelling or diving and a air of total relaxation about it.



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Of the Lesser Antilles, CuraƧao is the largest and has the greatest population and has many of the Dutch influences from the colonization especially around the capital Willemstad.