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Hong Kong & Macau

Hong Kong, the worlds most famous harbour and one of the most stunning backdrops in South East Asia, is really a must see destination on any round the world excursion or trip to the Far East. Incredible culinary delights with an array of restaurants, a shoppers delight, world class hotels and even the newest Disneyland Resort. Hong Kong, Live it! Love it! Just seventy kilometres from Hong Kong, Macau is the gambling capital of Asia. New resort hotels contrast with the peaceful scenery.


Hong Kong Island

Hong Kong Island pic

Hong Kong is such an exciting city, a kaleidoscope of colour and contrasts. It’s where old meets new, east meets west and where bargain hunters meet their match! Retail therapy to Tai chi, bright lights to lofty mountain peaks, busy markets to floating restaurants, there’s something for everyone in Hong Kong.



Macau pic

Macau is noted for being one of the major gambling centres of South East Asia and lies just seventy kilometres south west of Hong Kong by land. The fast hydrofoil journey from Hong Kong to Macau is just 40 kilometres and takes 55 minutes. Hydrofoils and other craft depart for Macau around every 15 to 30 minutes and some services run 24 hours.