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Holidays & Hotels in the Islands of the Indian Ocean

There are hundreds of islands scattered throughout the Indian Ocean, many still uninhabited, many providing the epitome of holiday paradise, with lush vegetation, exotic fruits, tranquil relaxation, crystal clear waters, palm trees, golden white beaches and sunshine in abundance. The things that dreams are made of. At Jetset we've selected some of the choice resorts and islands of the Seychelles and Mauritius, with prices to suit most budgets, from the quality economical to the luxurious.



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White, sandy palm- fringed beaches contrast with the warm turquoise waters. Lush tropical gardens of the interior and dramatic mountain scenery. Offshore coral reefs and secluded lagoons ensure that the waters are calm and perfect for swimming, diving and snorkelling. Historically Mauritius was a haven for pirates until coming under Dutch rule in the 16th century, followed by a long period of French rule who brought in slaves to run the sugar plantations.


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The 115 islands that make up the Seychelles archipelago are scattered like diamonds over a million square kilometres of the Indian Ocean. First discovered by the Portuguese navigator Vasco de Gama, the Seychelles later came under French rule and latterly British rule as a Crown colony from 1903. It is only in recent decades that the Seychelles has been left to establish its own culture uninhibited.