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Holidays and hotels featuring the islands of the South Pacific

The Pacific Ocean, the very words conjure up pictures of paradise islands, sparkling water-kissed beaches, secluded bays, a relaxed laid-back style and friendly islanders. The many different groups of islands offer a multitude of places to stop en route to Australia, New Zealand and on round the world itineraries. With their beautiful coral lagoons, white sandy beaches, swaying palm trees and lush mountain interiors the South Pacific islands are a once in a lifetime dream holiday destination.



Fiji pic

The crossroads of the Pacific is a collection of over 300 islands. It has a highly developed tourist infrastructure and offers something for everyone - palm-fringed beaches, coral islands, crystal clear lagoons, lush tropical rainforest and wonderful friendly people.

Samoa & Cook Islands

Samoa & Cook Islands pic

Both Samoa and The Cook Islands personify all that you imagine the Pacific to be; white sandy beaches, charming villages and people with a welcome as warm as the weather. The lifestyle is relaxed and easy-going, providing a real escape from the hustle and bustle of life. Samoa, the 'Treasured Islands' are rich in culture and unspoilt. The Cook Islands are a distinctive island paradise.