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White sandy beaches and a very pleasant semi-tropical climate are the greatest attractions of the 'Sunshine State'. Over 900 miles of beautiful beaches border the Atlantic Ocean on the east and the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico to the west.


Disney Area Homes

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Orlando has a huge number of rental homes. Jetset in association with Florida Homes are proud to present a wide range of homes which are expertly managed and well furnished. Most of the homes are In the Kissimmee Area close to Highway 192 or on Highway 27 which runs North to South at the West end of the 192. Within this area there are in excess of 40 different developments.

Florida Beaches

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The Florida beaches are fabulous. On the western side, the Gulf Coast beaches offer warm, calm waters and great sunsets. Clearwater and St. Petersburg beach areas are very popular particularly with British visitors who flock there in their tens of thousands annually. Further south, Naples is an elegant resort renowned for shopping as well as its fantastic beaches.


Florida Keys

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The Florida Keys are situated 200 miles beyond Florida's southern tip. Most of these islands rise only a few feet above the seabed and are covered with mangrove swamps, shallow beaches and a few palm trees. Key Largo, the largest key has a Coral Reef Park and Key West is a lively place to go looking for a good time.

Gulf Coast Villas

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Many people take to the Gulf Coast for a quieter relaxing second week, or a totally laid back two week holiday. Situated from Naples in the south of Florida up to the area around Sarasota, Jetset have again teamed up with Florida Homes to provide you with your ideal holiday home from home. Gulf Coast villas are ideal for relaxing by the pool, visiting the beach, playing golf, or making your own entertainment.



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Miami is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in all of the United States, the city is energized and high-paced but also has the benefits of beautiful scenery and a tropical climate. Miami is full of attractions from busy Miami Beach to the character-filled Art Deco District and with deluxe hotels, an unstoppable nightlife, and a wide mix of cultures the city is a fun visit for anyone.


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For entertainment seekers, Orlando is the place! With Walt Disney World®, Universal Studios®, and Sea World® Orlando all within minutes of each other, every visitor is busy all day. Orlando has been built on fun and is designed to make your holiday memorable. With a wide range of accommodation, from budget to luxury hotels or even a private home there is something for everyone.


Tours & Excursions

Tours & Excursions