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Passports and visas
The name on the passport must match the name on the ticket or you may not be allowed to travel and insurance is invalid.

British Citizens: All passengers, including infants and children, require a valid passport (10 year passport for adults, 5 year for children). It is your responsibility to have a valid passport, and visa if necessary, which must be valid for 6 months beyond your date of return to the UK for entry into many countries. Different countries apply different rules and more information is available on line or by telephone from the consulate or embassy of the country you are visiting.

A visa is required for Australia. ETA visa applications can be processed by Jetset for British Passport holders in conjunction with a Jetset booking. Visa’s are valid for stays up to three months and cannot be combined with any other Australian visa. A visa is required for passengers in transit in Australia for more than eight hours. These applications received will be noted on your confirmation and invoice. For stopovers at other destinations please check at the time of booking.

Non British Citizens: Visa requirements may differ for non-British passport holders & holders of British Passports issued overseas - please ensure you have the appropriate documentation.

Sun and food
In some foreign countries general standards of hygiene, care and safety may differ from those in the UK. You should exercise greater care for your own protection and health in matters of hygiene and choice of food and drink especially raw food such as vegetables or shell fish and drinking water in ice and drinks.

The risk of bites from insects and other animals may be reduced by using repellent sprays and covering up whenever possible. Have a small first aid kit with you and include plasters, insect repellent, and antiseptic cream along with any prescribed medication. Sexually transmitted diseases (including AIDS) are a serious threat to health throughout the world. Please exercise caution when on holiday. Skin piercing such as acupuncture, tattooing and ear piercing should be avoided. Rabies is a serious hazard all over the world. If you are bitten or scratched, seek medical attention immediately. If you have any difficulty contact the British Consular official. See your doctor as soon as you get back to the UK whether treatment was given or not. Department of Health leaflet T1 (Travellers Guide to Health) is available from your ABTA travel agent or local Department of Health office and we advise all our clients to obtain a copy of this leaflet before travelling overseas.

Children and safety
Please ensure that children do not travel alone in lifts, that they stand well away from lift doors and that they are supervised on your balcony and around the pool area. Cots and high chairs provided in hotels do not usually conform to the British Safety Standards and we recommend you exercise caution in their use.

Vaccinations are recommended, or are compulsory for a number of featured destinations. For up to date information please check DoH leaflet T4, your doctor, or your local British Airways Health Clinic.

Travel advice
You can access latest information from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s Travel Advice Unit on the Internet (

Watersports are usually provided by the individual hotels. Most have adequate insurance but it is your responsibility to ensure insurance provides adequate cover. It will be assumed all clients partaking in watersports are able to swim. We strongly suggest that all clients refrain from high-risk activities whilst on holiday, particularly jet skis, as the operators often have no insurance.

We recommend that you take travellers cheques in Sterling, Australian or US Dollars, which can be changed into cash at most overseas banks and hotels. Credit cards are widely accepted abroad and we suggest that at least one credit card is taken with you, as this may be required as a security deposit at your hotel.

Please be sure that your luggage is in good condition. Standard baggage allowance can vary from airline to airline. Please contact the relevant airline to confirm your allowance, prior to departure. All airlines have indicated that baggage allowances will be strictly adhered to, with charges imposed for excess baggage. If you are unsure please call the Administration Team.

Do NOT pack in your hold luggage the following items:
* Passports * Visa documentation * Vaccination certificates * Holiday invoices * Flight tickets * Insurance Certificates * Travellers Cheques * Driving Licence * Electrical items * Livestock * Medication * Uncooked Food * Matches * Baby food and changing items in the event of delays!
Please ensure that all electrical equipment is packed in your hand luggage. For the carriage of special items of luggage or equipment, for example, wheelchairs, windsurfing equipment, bicycles or golf clubs, please contact the Administration Team on 08700 506 747 for advice and clearance - there may be a charge for certain items as this may be extra to your normal baggage allowance.

YOU MUST NOT take the following items onto an aircraft:
* Explosives * Compressed gases * Flammable liquids and solids * Irritating and radioactive materials * Corrosives * Live ammunition * any sharp items

Your outward journey
Please check-in for your flight approximately 3 hours prior to the departure time on your flight tickets. We are unable to confirm specific seats on an aircraft. However, should any special seating arrangements or catering be necessary, for medical reasons only, please notify our Administration Team on 08700 506 747 as soon as possible providing medical proof from your Doctor. Whilst Jetset will do everything possible to ensure such requests are met, we are unable to guarantee requests of this nature. Many UK airports are *silent airports* whereby no boarding calls are made and it is therefore essential that all passengers check the computer screens in the departure lounges for boarding details.

On arrival
In the unlikely event of your baggage being mislaid or damaged on your arrival at your destination airport, you must inform an Airport Representative immediately who will help you to obtain and complete a Property IrregularityReport and a Customs Declaration form.


Checking into your Holiday Accommodation
Accommodation in all hotels regardless of rating is in standard rooms unless stated otherwise. You will be allocated your room in accordance with local check-in/check-out procedures. This is normally between 14.00-16.00. When checking in at your hotel you will be asked for a credit card imprint or cash deposit for any incidentals. This will be torn up or refunded on departure providing no costs have been incurred.

Checking out
Your accommodation must be vacated between 10:00 - 12:00 irrespective of your arrival or departure times unless stated otherwise. On occasion it may be possible to obtain a day room subject to availability and extra payment. Our Reservations Team can pre-book your room until departure; however, this will incur a cost equivalent to the full nightly brochure rate. Alternatively, a courtesy room may be available in resort however, this is not a guarantee. For passengers on Self-Drive or Motorhome holidays, vehicles must be returned to the vehicle office from which you originally picked up your vehicle unless a one way rental has been agreed. Please be aware that it is your responsibility to make your own way to the airport to check-in for your flight and to re-confirm flights prior to departure.

Departure Taxes
In many cases departure taxes are included in the price of your holiday however some are payable locally at the airport on your departure.

Beds in your room including extra beds
Usually there are twin beds or a double bed in each bedroom. A 3rd or 4th person sharing a room shares existing beds or has an additional bed placed in the room and space may be restricted. Roll away beds are sometimes available and these will be charged locally.

Accommodation in the tropics
In many hotels, especially beach resorts, *insects* in the rooms are almost inevitable. It is simply a fact of life in these destinations.

Hotels, which include main meals, generally commence with dinner on the day of arrival at your hotel and terminate with breakfast (on half board) or lunch (on full board) on the day of departure. Meals are taken in the hotels' specified restaurant. Most hotels will allow you to dine in one of their other restaurants for a supplement payable locally. Please be aware that some hotels operate a voucher system for guests who have purchased or have pre-paid for meal packages at time of booking.

Water/Electricity services
In many of the featured countries, water and electricity services struggle to keep up with the demands of tourism. Limited rainfall can put further pressure on their provision. Whilst hotels do everything possible to maintain full services, occasional power cuts and water restrictions can apply.

Room upgrades/honeymooners
It is not always possible to guarantee the provision of a double bed for honeymoon couples, although we will request this for you.

It is not advisable to dive within 24 hours of arrival in, or departure from, your destination or within 24 hours of any flight. This may also apply to activities involving high altitude, e.g. hot air ballooning.

Join in resort
If you invite additional guests to join you in your hotel in resort, please be aware that a further fee may be levied locally over and above any supplements already levied.

Local customs and laws
As our featured destinations are outside the European Union, we would ask that clients recognise that certain social and cultural differences do exist between the EU and your chosen destination. Whilst many of these differences can enhance your holiday experience, we would ask that you exercise discretion should any instance that may offend arise.

Drinking and driving
The age limit for driving overseas is generally 21 years. UK driving licenses are required, and must have been held for a minimum of one year. Strict penalties and fines are in operation in all resorts for drink driving.
What's included in the price
Please refer to the price panels appropriate to your chosen flight option and hotel destination.

Flight information
All flights in this brochure are operated on the scheduled services of the airlines featured in the brochure. Some flights may be operated by alternative airlines, as a shared service. We reserve the right to substitute alternative carriers and/or aircraft types if necessary. All flights are subject to the granting of licences by the appropriate authorities. Other flights may be made available. Please check with Jetset or your travel agent for further details. Direct flights on scheduled airlines sometimes include a refuelling or operational stop. Whilst we confirm your itinerary to the best of our knowledge, airlines can amend schedules to suit their business. A schedule change may range from 5 minutes to a day or more depending on the frequency of the flight. If a day(s) schedule change does occur we will offer a revised itinerary and holiday cost to accommodate that change. Please note however the price could be higher or lower dependent on the hotels/resorts affected. Not withstanding the above, the provisions of paragraph 4 section A of the Booking Conditions will apply.

Hotels Included In Tours
There will be occasions when certain hotels offered as part of our multi centre options and tours will not have an advertised description in our brochure. In these instances please see our website or contact our Reservations for more information.

At the time of publication, airlines have advised they will continue to charge customer levies for fuel for the holidays in this brochure. We reserve the right to charge to you the additional costs imposed by such levies.

Brochure accuracy
We have compiled the information in our brochure as accurately as possible at the time of going to press. However we would ask you to appreciate that a brochure is prepared well in advance of the commencement of the programme. There may be occasions when an advertised facility or amenity is not available during your holiday. As we do not own or manage hotels or apartments, we do not have any direct control over the day-to-day running of a property i.e. certain facilities may require maintenance or improvement, amenities may be changed, cancelled or curtailed due to weather conditions, lack of demand etc. The majority of facilities do operate normally. However, should facilities be altered or withdrawn for reasons outside the company’s control, we will endeavour to notify you of such changes where possible.

General note
As space is limited in the brochure, should any of our passengers, whether experienced or first time travellers, require any further information regarding their chosen holiday resort please see our website or contact our Administration Team on 08700 506 747.

Cyclone advice
The official Cyclone season runs from October-April. During this time we track all storm activity and are therefore usually in a position to notify you a few days before in the unlikely event that a hurricane is due to hit your chosen destination. Please note that all storms can be unpredictable often changing direction and speed without warning.
Please rest assured that we will contact you as soon as possible to advise you in the event that a cyclone threatens whilst you are on holiday. We will also, through our ground agents, make any necessary arrangements on your behalf.
Should a cyclone threaten before you are due to travel, we will endeavour to contact you or your travel agent and will consider your chosen destination and make available to you, subject to specific airline policy, (to the extent we consider necessary to protect your safety) the option to amend, postpone or cancel your holiday arrangements without any amendment charges being levied.

Special Offer Air Fares Terms and Conditions
If an element of your package holiday is a special offer air fare, the following conditions apply in addition to the terms and conditions set out in the Booking Conditions and in the event of any inconsistency the conditions set out below shall prevail.
1. The special offer air fare tickets are must be issued within a set period prior to the date of departure. Once such tickets are printed the ticket has no refund value whatsoever. Additionally the airline may refuse to issue replacement tickets for lost or stolen tickets and new tickets may have to be purchased by you.
2. You must pay a standard deposit of £150.00 per person at the time you make your booking in accordance with the Booking Conditions. In addition, you must pay a deposit of £200.00 per person in respect of the special offer air fare ticket, given that the airline charges this amount for any special offer air fare tickets cancelled after the date on which tickets are printed.
3. In the event that you cancel your booking prior to the date on which the special offer air fare tickets are printed, we agree to reimburse to you the deposit paid in respect of the special offer air fare ticket, at the loss of any standard deposit paid. The terms and conditions relating to *If you want to cancel* as set out in the Booking Conditions will also apply.
4. If you want to cancel your booking after the date when the special offer air fare ticket is printed, you will not be entitled to any refund of either the standard deposit or the special offer air fare ticket deposit of £200.00. The terms and conditions relating to *If you want to cancel or amend your booking* as set out in the Booking Conditions will also apply.
5. Name changes in respect of special offer air fare tickets are not permitted at any time after your booking has been confirmed. A name change will be treated as a cancellation and rebooking and airlines will charge a 100% cancellation fee and the cost of issuing a new ticket. The cost of the new ticket may be greater than the original special offer air fare ticket.

Important notice
The Jetset Australia, New Zealand, Far East and South Pacific brochure and the Jetset America, Canada, Hawaii & the Caribbean brochure as published at this website, were accurate at the time of going to publication. Please note that there may be changes to the content of brochures, which will be notified to you by your travel agent before any contract between you and Jetset Holidays is concluded.

Your holiday is operated by Jetset Holidays as a trading division of Cresta World Travel Limited.
Date of publication November 2006.

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