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Jetset Forms

Here you will find all the forms you may need to complete for a holiday booked with Jetset. These forms have been set up to be retrieved with the system that best suits your computer capability.

We suggest if you have an Outlook client you can download the Outlook message template, if you have any other email client please download the email message template. Once this template is stored on your computer you can complete it and submit the form by email.

Alternatively you can download a Microsoft Office document which can then be completed and attached to an email, or copy and paste it into the email body. You can also download the PDF, which can be completed with Adobe reader which is free and can be downloaded from here. Once completed save the form and attach it to the email to send back to us.

Please send the email to
If you booked through Jetset Flights then please send the email to

Advance Passenger Information (API) form

Australian Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) form

ESTA Applicant Information form (USA)

Mobility Aid Request Form